Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54
To enable Jedi Academy cheats, while playing a game, bring down the 
console with [Shift]+[~] and type: "devmapall". You can then enter 
any of the following codes in the console: 

Code           Result
god          - God mode
noclip       - No clipping mode
notarget     - Enemies ignore you
kill         - Kill yourself
give all     - All weapons and health/armor at max
give health  - Health at 100%
give armor   - Armor at 100%
give ammo    - Ammo at 100%
npc kill all - Kill all non-player characters
shaderlist   - Show shaders
undying      - Dead mode 
quit         - Quit game

Submitted by: Metal Rulez

Here is one bug which can bring the blaster pistol from Jedi Outcast 
in Jedi Academy.
What you need to do is simple - swich to your Concussion Rifle and hold 
LMB until your ammo run out. And here you are whit the favourite weapon of 
Kayle Katarn. Simple heh? I bet you can find applications to this.

NOTE: This weapon fire much faster than the new Blaster Rifle in Jedi Academ

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