Magic & Mayhem - The Art of Magic Game Cheats

Submitted by: rickHH

There isn't enough experience points to max out all stats, so 
use them wisely. (You need 5000. They only give you 3455) I 
recommend maxing Mana and getting your Control to as high as 
you are comfortable with. Health is not really important if 
you are a "summoning" wizard as your creatures will take the 
hits for you. Just don't wander too close to an enemy wizard 
who has powerful attack spells.

In the Mountains of Cader Idris, just make sure you go slow. 
You might have to go through this stage a few times just to get 
the general layout.

Another tough stage is the Azorian Mountains. It's possible to 
do it the easy way and the hard way. Remember your key objectives 
(forgive the pun). Get the keys and get out. Killing everyone is 
not an objective. In fact, the storm giants and centaurs respawn 
constantly. However, if you opt for the easy way, you'll miss a 
lot of good items. I did it the hard way first time round ie. 
I fortified all POPs. VERY TOUGH. But it was worth it, in my 

If you're wondering how to open that last chest in the Initiates 
Training Chamber, my hint is to make sure you explore EVERY SINGLE 
BIT OF AREA. Get rid of every single bit of fog. If you still 
can't get it, just ask me. By the way, it's not worth your while 
to actually open the chest. You'll only get a feeling of 
satisfaction and annoyance at the whole thing.

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