Magic - The Gathering - Battlemage Game Cheats

Tip 1:
Whatever wizard you choose, always visit the Tome Builder 
to reconfigure your available spells from all those available
in the game. This gives you a say in your wizard's casting 
strategies later during the duel.

Tip 2:
Always provide yourself with a 33-33-33 mix of cards in lands, 
summoned creature spells, and other spells.

Tip 3:
Don't worry much in the early game about conquering provinces. 
You need spells first, and the less your lands touch upon the 
other wizards', the better. Whenever they attack a land of yours,
you'll duel them.

Tip 4:
Before attacking a province, study its text. It will sometimes 
contain clues about the inhabitants' attitudes toward various 
wizards, which you can turn to your advantage.

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