Medal of Honor - Pacific Assault Game Cheats

Submitted by: Falcon -

Start the game with the following parameter "+set developer 1"

for example:
"c:\medal of honor pacific assualt\mohpa.exe" +set developer 1

start the game with the modified shortcut, then press ~ while playing the
game to bring up the console and type the codes there.

Code            Result
dog           - God mode
wuss          - All Weapons
fullhealh     - Full health
notarget      - Enemies ignore you
noclip        - no clipping mode
fps 1         - show Fps
maplist       - Load any level (double click on map name)
map [mapname] - load map [map name] (use names from maplist)

Cheatmode Demoversion:
Submitted by:conner54

Before you can enter these codes, you have to enable the console. To do so, 
add "+set ui_console 1" to the shortcut icon. 
"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Demo\mohpa_demo.exe" +set ui_console 1 

Press [~] (tilde) to bring up the console then type: 

spawn weapons/JPN_44.hag
spawn weapons/landmine_allied.hag
spawn weapons/US45.hag
spawn weapons/JPN_Model96LMG.hag
spawn weapons/type100_smg.hag
spawn weapons/US_Colt45.hag
spawn items  /binoculars.hag

Submitted by: Murdoc
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault (Expansion Pack)

Run the game with (exe. "set+developer 1 +set sv_cheats + set Diehuman 0

During the game press "~" or "`" to appear the console on the screen then 
type the following cheat Codes.

god Imortality
Fullhealed Full health

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