Myth 2 - Soulblighter Game Cheats

Secret Level #1:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

To enable the first secret level, play level 3 - "Down A Broken Path." 
Go to the top left portion of the map, where you will come across a 
small lake. On one of the rocks in the middle of the lake lie 3 frogs. 
Send a dwarf up to blow them to pieces completely. Now walk up to 
through village and complete the level. 
This will open up "A Long Awaited Drinking Party."

Secret Level #2:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

The second secret level is on "A Murder of Crows," the level where you 
have to escape from the prison camp. Instead of following the Deciever 
south after beating Soulblighter follow the archer's advice ("hey, we 
saw a wagon go north a few days ago") by exiting the level north of 
Soulblighter's camp. You will go to the secret level, "Limbs, Heads, 
and Smoking Craters," a MUST if you love blowing things up!

After doing that, you also have
access to the following cheats:

[Control][-] Lose the game
[Control][+] Win the game

Level select:
Hold [Shift] while selecting the "New Game" option. 
Any individual level may be selected for game play. 

Instant win:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] and press [Plus] during game play. 

Instant loss:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] and press [Minus] during game play. 

Kill animals:
Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and click on an animal. 

Tip 1 
When getting past castles, make your troops hug the wall until 
they are propelled to climb stairs and take down the enemy 
archers themselves. If your troops hug the wall on the way in,
the defenders will hit their own structure while trying to 
prove you wrong. 

Tip 2
Use the Ctrl key to make your dwarves throw grenades in front 
of faster-moving enemy units instead of directly at them. 

Tip 3
Switching from one group to another in the heat of battle is 
important; do not forget to map your archers, dwarves, and 
skirmishers to hot keys, and use the F1 key to slow down the
action when it heats up.

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