Myth 3 - The Wolf Age Game Cheats

Submitted by: nightraider

After playing Myth III through fairly good, I discovered 
that old cheat codes still work in this game. So, if 
you want to get access to all maps then holding Shift 
button down, click on "New Game". If you want to win 
the mission then you can hold down simultaneously three 
buttons - Ctrl+Alt "+" on the NumPad, but if you want to 
lose the mission then you should do all the same but 
with "-" of the NumPad.

Submitted by: kim troung/north-cote high

your archer is use full and also dangeos so let them stand in spread 
line and your beserk, or warrior stand behind then scout for your enemy, 
lure them to your troop and use fire arrow then when they get closed 
press space bar on all your archer then send out your close hand combat 

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