Nascar Legends Game Cheats

The bias-ply tires on these historical cars burn at a much 
faster rate than modern radials do, and you must adapt to 
the times or risk losing every race you enter. For starters, 
practice your pit-stop routine until you're able to enter and 
leave with absolute precision. Second, try adjusting the tire 
pressures during prerace practice sessions to determine which 
pressure gives the longest life. And finally, modify your 
driving style to eliminate tire squeal in the turns. Remember, 
nothing slows you down like extra pit stops. 

You won't be able to brake nearly as deep or hold your line 
through a turn as you would with a modern-day NASCAR car, no 
matter how hard you try. So take it easy out there. 

Legends' Easy setup is preferable to the Ace setup on several 
of the game's shorter courses. On the Easy setting, you won't 
achieve the same sort of speeds as you would on the Ace setting, 
but you can keep the car calmer and less jittery and hold your 
line through turns. And when you're in the thick of traffic in 
these antique cars, stability is absolutely essential. 

Using the F10 overhead view from a standing start is a pretty 
good idea, but you won't want to do it once you're at speed 
and in the throes of all those complex Papyrus physics. 
The overhead view gives you a better idea of just how close 
your rivals are as you try to pick up a few positions before 
that first turn.

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