Nascar Racers Game Cheats

Submitted by: rickHH

Unless you have activated a protective shield, make a serious 
effort to keep clear of other cars. With the exception of a 
well-aimed missile, nothing slows you down like car-to-car contact. 

To be an effective NASCAR Racer, you'd better learn how to take 
advantage of turbo boosts. The best way to use turbos is to fire 
them off as soon as you pick them up, because power-ups are everywhere, 
yet your car is capable of carrying only two at a time. Keep those 
power-up bays open and you'll be turboing like crazy. 

In NASCAR Racers, it's critical to get into the lead as soon as you 
can. If you're driving up front, you'll always come across new 
power-ups before the other guys do, and that helps you increase 
your lead even further.

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