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There are more movies, you only see them when a 
high-level spell is being cast. To see them add 
in torment.ini under [Movies] the lines:

See All Movies:
Edit your Torment.ini file and look for [Movies], 
edit it to look like this: 


Money Trick: 
While in Sigil I found a neat money trick that will get you 50-75 
copper each time. You go south of the Mortuary and go to the 
Smoldering Corpse Bar. In there, go right and talk to a Dustman. 
She is actually a fake. If you answer her in this order: 
answers 1, 1, 1 and then 1 or 2 depending if you want 50 copper 
or 75 and then finishing the conversation. I found out you could 
do this as many times as you want. You may need to start a quest 
given to you by a Dustman at their bar west of the Mortuary first 
regarding a fake Dustman. 

Free EXP: 
You must be a sensate for this code. In the private sensorium 
activate the green stone where you talk to Ravel (make sure 
youve already talked to her once) then activate it again and 
answer in this order 1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,2,1 for 6000 xp repeat 
as necessary 

Get good spells for free early in the game:
Go to the inn (Dorm) at the Sensate place in the clerks 
ward. Save your game and try to steal from the lady who 
gives you a room until you get a key. Go into the eastern 
room and search the cabinets on the north wall. 
There are also several charms that may come in handy 
later in the game. 

Becoming a Godsman and getting the best axe:
Talk to the Auctioneer outside the market in the lower 
ward. Perform the tasks he will ask you to do. The second 
task will be to deliver a message to a Godsman, therefore 
granting you passage to the northern gate (in the lower ward). 
You will eventually meet a man in a room surrounded by other 
people. Ask him about becoming a Godsman. He will tell you to 
forge a weapon in the foundry, the first room you saw when you 
entered the place. Get the items you need from the clerk in the 
southwest part of the room. Ask Thildin, the muscular man, for 
some ore. Then, find the only empty barrel and make the weapon 
of your choice. Report back to the man that told you how to 
forge the weapon. Next, there will be a murder. You only need 
to know where the people are -- you already know where Thildon 
is; the man whose name starts with "S" is in the same room as 
man that told you how to forge the weapon, and the other is on 
the balcony just above him. Talk to Thildon one more time and 
report back to the man that told you how to forge the weapon. 
Just convince the man in the locked quarters to live. Be nice 
to him. You now are a Godsman and have access to the best axe 
in the game for 5000 GP.
See Fell:
If you are stuck, need an extra boost of strength, dexterity, 
constitution or other attribute, or want something but do not 
know how to get it, see Fell the tattoo man. 

Experience in Sensate Emporium: 
In the Sensate emporium (the private sensory stones), keep 
going to Ravel's stone and nodding until you have to speak. 
You will gain 6000 experience points every time. Then, just 
end the experience.

It may be a good idea to save your game before talking to 
important NPCs. Sometimes the outcome can be more dangerous
or important to your adventure than many combat situations, 
so you may want to take a second shot if you don't like the 

Don't forget your journal. Sometimes there are clues that 
can help you out if you're stuck. Or you can always try 
asking one of your party members to point you in the right 

This is a role-playing game, so combat is important. 
But don't be surprised if, in certain situations, avoiding 
combat has a bigger payoff.

You can toggle through available formations by holding down 
the ALT key. 

Just as in Baldur's Gate, you can guard an area by selecting 
the shield icon, then dragging it out into a circle. Doing 
this prevents your characters from chasing an enemy off the 

Just because a weapon is available to you doesn't necessarily 
mean that you should place it in your inventory. If you haven't 
found a corresponding weapons tutor to learn how to use the 
weapon, it will carry penalties with it.

Hex Cheat:
This will show how to modify any of your character's stats. 
It's actually pretty simple. 

1. Write down the stats for the specific character you want 
to edit (probably start with the Nameless One but it will 
work on any person in your party) in this order: STR, %STR, 
INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHAR. Example: 18 30 15 15 17 12 9. 

2. Once you have written them down, convert each one into HEX. 
You can use windows calculator in scientific mode to do this. 
Enter the value in to the calculator and click the Hex radio 
button to see the value in hex. Here are the above values in 
hex: 12 1E 0F 0F 11 0C 09. 

3. Once you have them converted, using your hex editor search 
for the above numbers in the torment.gam file*. Enter in the 
search like so (no spaces): 121E0F0F110C09. 

4. Once you have found these values you can change them as you 
like. You can use the your windows calculator the calculate the 
stats you want to hex and replace them as you like. 

*The Torment.gam file is located ine the save directory off of 
your main torment folder.

Submitted by nightraider

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