Pizza Syndicate Game Cheats

The pizza business is tough. You can't afford to handle 
your rivals with kid gloves. There are all kinds of 
different strategies for dealing with a rival branch:

Aggressive advertising
Advertising serves as a legal attack on your rivals. 
The advertising message is set by the individual player. 
The effect on the selected combination of target groups 
is then shown immediately. Comparative advertising can 
be used to emphasize one's strengths. A good marketing 
campaign will make the individual branches better known. 
Very effective advertising even has a direct effect on 
the opinions and attitudes of the cities' inhabitants. 
The better known your branches are, the wider your area 
of influence will be. This then tempts the customers away 
from your rivals. You can even put posters up near rival 
branches, to change the minds of hungry passers-by who were 
planning to give their money to your opponents.

Price/quality policy
If you want to force your way into a market quickly, it is 
often worthwhile to start with a combination of low prices 
and extremely low costs, if this is possible. OK, so the 
customers will take note of the poor quality of the cheap 
branches, but your excellent choice of location will already 
have driven your rivals to ruin. The target groups' opinions 
both of your own branches and rival branches can be obtained 
at any time. By using skilful quality management, you will 
soon woo all the customers away from an inferior branch. 

When you launch an attack on storage buildings or closed 
branches, you can either completely empty them of their 
contents or demolish them. This does considerable damage 
to the competition. 

Foul play
You can damage other branches' reputations with well-directed 
acts. For example, you can appoint unsavory punks to annoy the 
customers. If you want to protect yourself from operations like 
this, you will have to appoint security guards. You can also 
effectively sabotage rivals' branches by planting rats and 
cockroaches, which put the customers off their food. Or you 
could take more drastic action and poison the ingredients, or 
let voracious woodworm loose on your rival's furniture. While 
your opponent is busy dealing with the acts of sabotage, his 
customers will take to their heels. You then acquire new 

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