Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Game Cheats

Submitted by: Haspa 

Easy goals:
When the ball has completely gone over the line, but before your player 
begins to celebrate, pause game play and watch the replay. Every time you 
watch the replay, an extra goal will added to your score.

Swapping players to different teams:
Go to edit mode. Go to registration player, then select the team that has the 
player first. Next, click on the player that you want to move. Another half 
screen will appear with the team names on it. Select the team, and when you play 
a match with them he will be there.

Trevor Brooking's voice:
Press any button at the title screen. Leave the game at the main menu for a few 
minutes until it returns to the introduction sequence. Watch or skip the introduction 
to go back to the main title screen again. Trevor Brooking should now say 
"Pro Evolution Soccer 4" instead of Peter Brackly.

Easy money:
When you are doing a cup, remove your memory card and do the cup. When you have 
won the cup, you will get a lot of money. Then, go to the shop and buy anything. 
When you have selected what you want to buy, insert your memory card again and save 
what you have bought. The cup that you won will not be saved. Restart the game and 
the cup you have just won will be gone, but the item that you bought will still be 
there. Do the cup again and to get a lot of money again.

Easy shop points:
Go into International League mode and choose to play only three teams in one half of 
a season. Make sure you end up at the top of your league. After your three games, you 
will get 1,500 PES Shop Points for winning the league. You will also get 50 points a 
game (150 total) to that as well.

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