Pro Pinball - Timeshock Game Cheats

Submitted by: Alex

11 * How do I unlock all the operators menu options in 
"Pro Pinball: Timeshock!" ?

This "cheat" lets you unlock all the operator menu 
features in timeshock! right away (you usually have 
to wait for 24 hours of gameplay before they all become unlocked). 
It is possible you have to repeat this procedure each time you 
restart timeshock!:

Go to the operators menu, and select starting time-zone 
as random (2.2.1), then go to switch test for timezone 
lock delta (3.1.47), and hold both flipper buttons down for 2 
seconds. After this, all features should be unlocked.

If you're just learning to play pinball, take this 
opportunity to practice the basic skills of the game. 
Catch the ball on your paddle and hold it. Once you've 
learned to make a catch, practice passing the ball from 
flipper to flipper. Hold the ball and aim shots at the 
ramps, the targets, and the roll-overs. Practice shooting 
for the drop hole straight up the center, and practice 
hitting the grunch keys to shake the table. This is a great 
time to learn everything you need to know about pinball 
theory-without wasting any quarters!

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