Ring - The Legend of the Nibelungen Game Cheats

Tip 1:
Scan each location carefully for areas you can explore, 
while keeping a close eye on the cursor to see if it 
changes to the Movement icon. Sometimes the "hot spot" 
indicating a new location is quite small.

Tip 2:
If the cursor changes to indicate that an item in the game 
screen can be manipulated with an inventory item, try using 
every item you have in your inventory, even if it doesn't 
make sense. After all, this game doesn't make a lot of 
sense, either.

Tip 3:
Although you can play any of the four Ring segments in 
any order you like, you can avoid some continuity issues 
if you tackle them in this sequence: "Alberich," "Loge," 
"Siegmund," and "Bruennhilde."

Tip 4:
Check out synopses of the four operas that make up the 
Ring Cycle--The Rhine Gold, The Valkyries, Siegfried, 
and Twilight of the Gods--to get a better idea of what's 
going on in Ring. (Unfortunately, you'll also discover 
how much has been left out of the game.)

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