Ripper Game Cheats

Type one of these codes during a combat or a puzzle
and the puzzle you're in will be completed
(or the combat you're in will be won).
Note: All these codes have been tested with difficulty
setting 'medium', but I'm sure they will also work
with the other difficulty settings.

Puzzle in Catherine's Appartment    :PISCES
Catherine's Well                    :ARCADE
Falcon Eddie's Well                 :PARADISE
Catherine's Brain                   :CAFFEINE
Web Runners' Well                   :ZZTOP
Dr. Burton's Secret Lab             :SPARKY
Falcon Eddie's Secret Well (Puzzle) :HEADACHE
Falcon Eddie's Secret Well (Book)   :SPONGE
Weapon 1 Well                       :ASPIRIN
Anti-Viral Well                     :PRETZEL

Some other codes:

You'll have to find for yourself which puzzle/combat
these codes are for (sorry, I don't remember). I think
there are other codes, but I haven't found them yet.
Uploaded by Kaizer Suza.

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