Risk 2 Game Cheats

Submitted by: RAW

To restart a level, open tourn.gsv in notepad and copy 
a couple of  and then paste them in right after your 
character's name (will probably work anywhere after a 
players name). This will make the game believe ther's 
something wrong and it will restart the level your 
currently in. Don't forget to save before closing and 
have risk shut down while you do this.

Submitted by: Saish Gersappa

The game doesnt allow a player to save a game in the 
Tournament. So, once u have successfully completed a 
round, exit the game. Goto ur explorer, and make a 
copy of 4 files - 3 cfg files in the Risk directory 
and 1 file called tourn.gsv in the gamesave directory. 
If u lose in the next round, exit the replace these 
four files with ur saved versions and  u can start 
from ur successful postion ! Its just like saving 
the game !!!

Go back one turn:
If you're playing against the computer and you get 
absolutely crushed on a turn, hit the menu button, 
quit the game, then go back into it, and it will 
continue the game from the beginning of your turn. 

Early in the game, your best bet is to seize one of the 
smaller continents, such as South America or Australia. 
Although their ownership value is low, compared with some 
of the larger continents, their steady flow of reinforcements 
enable you to build and support a much more powerful war 
machine. Later on, as your forces gather strength, you can 
turn your attention to some of the larger landmasses. 

Because sets of cards will often turn the tide of battle, 
it's extremely important that you continue to receive 
additional cards at every turn. So, although it makes 
sense to fortify your empire, it's also a good idea to 
station a few troops in some backwater locale such as 
upper North America, central Europe, or the northern regions 
of Asia. This enables you to attack and capture some of the 
more weakly defended countries. 

Submitted by:Joe

titel: Risk 2

Not really a cheat, but a hint. This assumes Sametime Risk, will all extras 
on and default continent value. I recommend that you initially take North 
America. It is one of the greatest strategical locations, when you get the 
chance to claim it. Playing the game as aforementioned, there will only be 
4 ways to access North America, but the landmass total is 11. This results 
in 4 troops for land size, 4 troops in connected empire, and 6 troops for 
North America, or 14 troops per turn, with only four access points to defend; 
relatively 3 each plus 2 extra troops that can be spread to guard each 
entrance as needed. This allows you to expand your empire at a slow rate, 
but a steady, unpenetrable one. Compared to the commonly recommended 
continent of Australia, which has a landmass of six and yet 3 areas of 
access, which supplies a total of 3 troops for landsize, three troops 
for empire connectivity, and 4 troops for the continent of Australia; 
exactly 10 troops to defend 3 e! ntrances, meaning 3 each, and then one 
more on an area per turn. 3-4 compared to 3-5 may not seem that much more 
of a difference, but personal experience tells me that all of your gates 
are not going to be attacked at one time, so thus the rate of 3x3+1 
compared to 4x3+2 will be defending one area much more effeciently. 
Normally, following this strategy, the taking of Europe and South America 
are accomplishable by round six, which supplies SIX access points but a 
landmass of 24, which is 8+8+6+4+6, or 32 troops to defend six entrances 
at the ratio of evenness 6x5+2. Now, to make an exact point, focus on the 
numbers after the x sign...

Example 1 "North America":
4x3+2 : x3+2 (which is good...)
Example 2 "Australia":
3x3+1 : x3+1 (one less than the above)
Example 3 "NA, SA, and Europe":
6x5+2 : x5+2 (an extra two troops per gate compared to Australia [5-3], 
and an extra troop to spare for any area [2-1].

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