Riven - The Sequel to Myst Game Cheats

Keep in mind that whenever you go through a 
roller-coaster sequence and change discs, you 
are almost invariably going to another island. 
One way to keep your mapping and your puzzles 
straight is to avoid switching islands until 
you have a pretty good idea where everything 
is and you've pulled every lever and switch 
you can find.

On the Boiler Island, try closing doors behind 
you; you never know what might be hiding in 
the corner.

On Jungle Island, turn up the speakers and listen 
as you touch the wooden eyes. There are sound 
clues as well as hidden symbols.

Bonus appearance:
Remember back at the beginning, when the native takes 
your prison book, gets shot with a dart, and is dumped 
over a cliff? Once you have captured Gehn and freed 
Catherine at the end of the game, return to the 
Temple/Generator at the first (disc 2) island and 
look over the cliff. The will be gone, but look at 
the upper left corner of the screen.

Jungle secrets:
When you change to Disc 3 you should be at a point where 
all the trees are cut down. Find the path that leads to 
the gate. Open it and start to walk. As soon as you go 
under the first tree, look to your left. You should see 
a giant dagger sticking up out of the ground. Walk down 
and you will find another rolling ball thing. Remember 
to note what the symbol is and what sound it makes. 
Return to the path and start walking forwards again. 
When you reach the two pathways, go right. As you walk 
down you should see a giant fish head. Approach and 
inspect the head and you will find nothing. However, 
back on the pathway you should see two lamps. Go until 
all you can see is the top part. On the very top there 
is a small disc. Push it and see what happens.

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