Safecracker Game Cheats

You may reset a puzzle by backing away and then 
zooming in again.
Wait until all three keys are in your inventory before 
cracking a Three-Key Safe. If you insert fewer than 
three keys and attempt to leave them there while searching 
for the remaining keys, you will lose the ones you inserted. 

In Room 5 (the Constructor's Office) zoom in on the drafting 
table to the right of the safe to disclose a diagram of 
Abraham's Switch Safe.

In Room 21 (the Kitchen) zoom in on the controls on the 
Refrigerator Safe. To open it, use the temperature formulas 
above to calibrate the mechanism. 

Hint: These temperatures are all equivalent: 

10 degrees Celsius
50 degrees Fahrenheit
283 degrees Kelvin

In Room 46 (the Music Chamber) there are various musical 
instruments in this room which respond when touched. 

Hint: Zoom in on the tape recorder on the north side of the 
room and click its lever on "FORW" to play the fourteen notes 
of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Remember the number of notes!

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