Saints of Virtue Game Cheats

Faster Turns: 
To turn around instantly, type "rotate" while playing. 
You may now press BACKSPACE to turn around at any time. 

Open Sesame: 
When you start your game in the ampitheatre head straight for 
the locked door room on the left (with the red light). 
Walk in and you will see the door if you press the space bar it 
will say it is locked. Type in "opensesame" and you will be able 
to walk in (go straight through the door). In there is a dark room 
with a couple of power-ups and bad guys. P.S. If you typed it in 
once it will stay like that even after you exit and enter the game! 

Shot Accuracy:
During gamplay type "STAT" and press F9 and you will see you 
statistics on your aim!

Unlock door:
Start the game in the amphitheater and go to the locked door room on 
the left, with the red light. Walk in and you will see the door. Press 
[Space] and the game will respond that it is locked. Type opensesame to 
pass through the door into a dark room with a some power-ups and enemies.

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