War Commander Game Cheats

Here are cheat codes for WarCommander that'll help 
you deliver your troops to Victory 

To activate cheat code: 
1. Select units 

2. Click the LEFT girl head first and Click the RIGHT 
girl head second located at the Command menu bar at the 
lower right or the screen 

3.Click the Eagle in between the to girls. You'll hear 
the workd "OK" as confirmation that the code has been 

At the top Bar where you can see the date/time, Two 
Eagles are located both Left and Right 

1. Press the Left Eagle to Activate God Mode 
2. Press the Right Eagle to Skip Level 

You can also reload your ammo by pressing the Armalite 
located the the Command menu bar.

Submitted by: rickHH
When maneuvering the scout, he should be camouflaged 
if possible. By doing so he will be capable of exploring 
enemy territory almost invisible. Use him as your main 
reconnaissance tool.

A scout teamed up with a sniper makes a deadly combination! 
The unmatched visual range of the scout gives the sniper 
the opportunity to delicately use his precision rifle.

Always watch if your troops are in defensive or offensive 
mode. Depending on the tactic you are going to use, the 
one or the other mode could be to your advantage.

The only unit which can erect buildings is the engineer. 
Use him to build your defensive perimeter.

Use the terrain to your advantage. Different terrain 
heights have different attributes which can change your 
attack and defensive abilities.
Watch out when darkness hits or rain is falling: The 
visual range of your units decreases drastically.

Maneuver your units into the safety of a civilian or 
military building. Depending on the number of units in 
a building visual range and firepower of these units can 
be increased.

Tanks and grenade launchers are the perfect long 
distance weapons. Use a scout to make out the target 
and then unleash your deadly force.

Look for ammunition crates lying around. Grab one of 
these with one of your units and the ammunition of the 
unit reaches maximum.

Do not throw hand grenades up towards a hill. It is 
very likely that they roll back into your direction 
and become boomerangs.

Watch for the ground surface you are moving on. 
Depending on the different surfaces you will be able 
to move faster or slower.

Never forget that heavy artillery like tanks or rocket 
launchers need quite some time to reload.

Use the air-strike to your advantage. The powerful 
air-strike called to action by your commander or your 
radio unit can be the decisive while devastating force 
in almost every the battle.

Keep an eye out for tank treads or footprints when 
scouting an area. These can be great hints on how the 
enemy moves and where he is about.

Achieving additional goals within a mission can hold 
extra supplies or even reinforcements.

Better reconnaissance:
Camouflage the scout before exploring enemy areas. 
That unit will be almost invisible.

Effective sniping:
Team a scout with a sniper. The scout can see farther, 
providing more targets for the range of the sniper's rifle.

Building defenses:
The engineer is the only unit that can construct buildings 
and should be used to build a defensive perimeter.

Changing range and firepower:
Place units in a civilian or military building. Depending 
on the number of units in a building, their visual range 
and firepower can be increased. 

Do not throw grenades upwards on a hill. 
They can roll back towards your units.

Mission bonuses:
Complete the additional goals within a mission to find 
extra supplies and reinforcements.

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