War Games Game Cheats

Submitted by: maxim
E-mail: jannamax@bezeqint.net

These codes can be accessed in single player mode by 
hitting 't' and typing them or by hitting one of the 
F1....F4 keys.

Code           Result
eyeofgod     - Allows extra level of zoom on lower level machines
saladtossed  - Choose level (You will have to go to the load screen 
               after and do that CTRL h/w thing)
twobyfour    - Builds units (ex: twobyfour dragoon)
hermes       - Speeds up building of units
donkeys      - Anything that shoots a missile shoots jeeps
               instead of missiles
morningafter - Removes fog of war
gimmiegimmie - Allows you to build everything, even without 
               command center
unclejohn    - God mode
chaching     - Adds 10,000 to cash total every time it is entered
mrmuscle     - Upgrades player's armor
bigsofty     - Downgrades enemy armor
coffee       - Upgrades player's speed
beer         - Downgrades enemy speed
shaft        - Upgrade player's firepower
shank        - Downgrade enemy's firepower


1. Enable the code, exit the current mission, and 
   press [Ctrl] + H + W at the main menu. 

   Then, click on "Load" and select any mission. 
2. Valid names include dragoon, centre, defence,
   and other designations used in the game.

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