X-Men - Children of the Atom Game Cheats

Submitted by:Tbcat 

Fight at Space Port: 
To fight among the rocket-filled scaffolding of
Juggernauts stage, start a 2P game with Juggernaut
being one of the characters. Allow Juggernaut to
defeat his rival. The losing player should then press
Start, once on Juggernauts face and again on the
Space Port as they appear. 

Fight as Akuma:
To fight as Akuma, highlight Spiral at the character
selection screen for three seconds. Then move to the
following characters without stopping: Silver Samurai,
Psyloke, Colossus, Iceman, Colossus, Cyclops,
Wolverine, Omega Red, Silver Samurai. Wait three
seconds on Silver Samurai before pressing short kick +
fierce punch + roundhouse. 

Use Magneto and Juggernaut:
submit by: jemcc@usa.net

Go to the configuration menu and type SPAM 
now go into system and you will see a new 
option BOSS SELECT. 

Enable this ans save the new settings. 
Start a normal game and select a fighter 
and block mode. Before the battle loads hold 
all 3 punches for juggernaut or all three 
kicks for Magneto. Hold down the buttons 
until the battle finishes loading

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