XIII Game Cheats

Submitted by: Mincetro
Update by: avinash bhojwani

While playing, press F2 to bring up the input box, then type any of 
the following cheat codes: 

Code       Result
healme # - Add Health (# is a number 1-100) 
maxammo  - Max Ammo 

God mode:
Submitted by: conner54

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 
"user.ini" file in the "\ubi soft\xiii\system" folder. Change the "Comma=" 
entry to "Comma=GOD". Begin game play and press [Comma] to enable God mode. 

Submitted by: SoulDestroyer

(retail GOD mode cheat)
Having read every BS posting about entering things into user.ini in the 
retail version of XIII, I found this on a German forum (and just about managed 
to translate it enough to get it to work).

This god mode cheat actually works !!

save a copy of engine.u before starting, just in case you screw it!

You will need to open the file in an editor that allows you to hex edit the 
file (look one up on google), so you can edit it without windows buggering it 
up. I used programmer studio and opened it as a binary file.

Search the file for the word \"God\" and replace it with something 
like \"dog\" (I\'m an atheist, but if you\'re not and are easily offended, 
then change it to something else, just as long as it is a word that is unique 
it should be OK), then save the file.
Now when you want to get into (or out of) god mode, just hit F2 and type dog 
(or whatever three letter word you used).

It\'s as simple as that.

PS, the reason I said BS posting, is that there is no user.ini file, 
and it appears to ignore any you create.

tip to defeat Mangoose:
Submitted by: ashwini sharma
email: ashu_it_ias@yahoo.co.uk 

in the penultimate level when you have to fight Mangoose you are in 
a hall full of rockets. Mangoose will always run around the rockets 
and thus dodge you. it's difficult to shoot him down with just bullets. 
apart from shooting him also try to shoot at rocket sheathing as soon 
as he appears around the corner of the rocket.A poisonous gas is released 
when you shoot at the rocket which does more harm than mere shooting.

the level is made more difficult since there are no health packs and 
armour in the beginning. But try to continue to hold ur ground till the 
health bar of Mangoose reaches half. Then some of the rockets will start 
going down and dead soldiers will fall from above. search their bodies 
for armour and you will get plenty of them to last till you finish off 
with Mangoose.

Kill Mongoose easily in less than a minute:
Submitted by: Bangalore Shrihara

First after cut-scene immediately go behind & take
ladder which u came from as cover perfectly. So
mongoose comes very near to u but not shoot u neither
run.He stands there as if stucked.Now immediately move
& give him headshots continously with machine gun.
This will lead to another cut-scene. Repeat this
again. This time u must be able to kill him. 

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