Xenophage - Alien Bloodsport Game Cheats

Update by: Joshua 
Email: og2c_sinister@hotmail.com

At the menu, type the following:
XenoPhage, unless otherwise is stated:

Code         Description
Shareware or Registered
bishop       Voice message: "YOU SUCK!".
blood        Increases the amount of blood.
glassjaw     Fighters stun each other.
helium       Jump higher and come down slower.
invisible    Both fighters become invisible.
shadows      The bodies of both fighters disappear.
stain        The blood stains the ground.
thoughtjinx  Both fighters fall down and die.
xacman       hidden minigame
champs       you can now choose to fight as any of the champions
Orchid       Selena blossoms Fight 

Registered Only
blarney      Fight the secret fighter, Blarney! Any menu.
champs       Select any one of the 3 boss fighters. Menu.
orchid       Selena stiffens and blossoms and grows.
xacman       XacMan: a mini-game within XenoPhage. Menu

Fight Blarney
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of 
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "xpr.ini" file. 
Add the line "Player2=Blarney" to fight a Barney clone. 
Start the game and choose free play mode.

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