Zeus - Master of Olympus Game Cheats

In the game press [Ctrl][Alt][C] and type in: 

Code                    Result 
Delian Treasury       - Add 1000 Coins 
Ambrosia              - Win Scenario 
SoundFrags            - Unknown Effect 
Fireballs from Heaven - Strike a Particular Piece of Ground 
                        with Fireball 
Bowvine and Arrows    - Towers Shoot Cows Instead of Arrows 
Cheese Puff           - Dairy Workers Put on Cheese Suits 

Submitted by: Brian Dobbin

keep the camera still for 10 minutes and you will 
gain 500000 gold

People upgrade their living quarters according to how 
attractive their surroundings are. In essence, an Agora 
(don't forget the vendors), fountains, fleece, olive oil, 
and plenty of cultural diversions are important for 
upgrading a Hut all the way to a Townhouse. 

To provide "excellent" cultural access to the Hero's Hall, 
surround the structure with roads as well as things like 
Gymnasiums, Theaters, and an Agora. Otherwise you'll only 
end up with "good" access and the hero won't show up. 

Fighting an attacking neighbor is not always your best bet. 
If you have weak fortifications and no army, surrender and 
pay the tribute. You will lose a lot less that way. After 
all, you can always build up your forces later and better 
yet attack the enemy. 

Check the Panhellenic world map early on to see with whom you 
can trade. Also keep your eye on potential enemies. Prepare 
accordingly. For example, If neighboring cities are hostile, 
invest early in fortifications. Also, if trading city-states 
must be reached by sea, then construct piers and trade ships. 

Submitted by: Stephen Gardner 

If you conquer a town or a town dislikes you 
send them 4 Olive Oil and 4 Fleece. 
This will make them love you.

Shoot Cows From the Sky:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Enable the Bowvine and Arrows code followed by the Fireballs 
from Heaven code to shoot cows from the sky.

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