Zeus - Poseidon Expansion Game Cheats

During gameplay, press Ctrl + Alt + C and type 
any of the following "Codes":

Code                    Result
mammaldrome           - Granary is Filled Every 3 Months
atlastthegreat        - Atlas Will Help Build Your Project in 
                        1/4 the Time
soundFrags            - Animals Make Strange Noises when Killed
seasick               - Poseidon will grant you 10x the fish in 
                        your granary
hotlava               - Strike a particular piece of ground with fireball
Delian Treasury       - Add 1000 Coins
Ambrosia              - Win Scenario
Cheese Puff           - Dairy workers wear cheese costume
Fireballs from Heaven - Strike location with fireball
Bovine and Arrows     - Towers shoot cows
lots of fishy         - Unlimited food
Mammaldrome           - ?
SoundFrags            - ?
bigbadwolf            - ?
elite sheep           - ?

Bring Deceased hero back:
After getting A heros hall, and summoning the hero to your 
city you can raid another city or try to conquer it with 
that hero. If that hero dies or gets captured then destroy 
his hall (by either using the fireball code or with your 
clear tool). Then the hall item in the culture tab will 
reappear. Rebuild the heros hall in the exact same spot as 
the old one was. Then right click it and resummon your hero. 
(If one of the requirements is to have a certain amount of 
money use the Delian Treasury code)

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