EverQuest Game Cheats

Before you even try to play EverQuest or run its tutorial, 
make sure that the device drivers for your video card and 
3D accelerator are up to date. 
The game is very touchy about current drivers. 

When you see an NPC deliver a phrase in brackets ([like this]),
you need to repeat that phrase to get more information. Remember
to put a question mark at the end of whatever you say; otherwise
the NPC won't continue. 

When you're first learning the game, it's fun to roll up a 
ranger first; they have the natural advantage of tracking 
skill, which helps them hunt down appropriate prey while
leveling up. 

Good Exp for low levels in Qeynos Area: 
You must be in qeynos area before ateempting this trick, 
and around lvl 2-4. Once you reach level 3, go to Qeynos 
hills and kill Gnolls, Gnoll pups , Gnoll scouts or Gnoll 
watchers. There is a slight chance they will drop gnoll 
fangs. Get 4 (or more) gnoll fangs and take them to the 
captain of the gaurds that overlooks the arena. Give him 
4 teeth at a time. He will give you lots of exp and 4 
moonstones. Give the moonstones to the bartender in the 
back of the bar in South Qqeynos. He will also give you exp.

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