Evil Dead - Hail to the King Game Cheats

Submitted by: jens lohse

More mushrooms:
When mushrooms appear, collect them, leave the screen, then 
return to collect them again. Repeat this until they no longer 

Large med-kit:
When fighting a Deadite or Hellbilly, turn on your chain saw and 
slash at them. After a few hits Ash should jam the chainsaw into 
them and keep it there. Then, use the ax and hit the Deadite while 
your chain saw is still in them. When they die, they will usually 
leave behind a Large med-kit. You can also use the other weapons 
instead of the ax, but it just wastes ammunition.

Finding mushrooms:
When you are mixing mushrooms in your inventory, you will 
hear a sound. When you are wandering around the same sound 
will indicated that a mushroom has appeared. You can also 
wait for the sound to play again to get another mushroom. 
Note: Listen for that sound when fighting the last Boss.

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