Evolva Game Cheats

Submitted by: rickHH

Carefully manage the upgrading of all your hunters. 
Remember where you left meat and send your weaker 
hunters to grab it. 

Upgrade your hunters along unique lines. Keep in mind 
that you want combined arms here, with each hunter a 
specialist in his own field, rather than a team of the 
same character. 

The Goo Gun fires a flammable substance with which you 
can coat enemies. Switch to the flamethrower if you like 
your DNA deep-fried.  

Debug Mode and First Person View:
This code only works with the bump mapping patch.  
Go into the mutator screen and change your team name 
to "extrastuff" (without the quotations) exit the 
mutator screen and save your game.  Go into the options 
menu and select configure controls.  scroll down to the 
bottom to see the commands for Debug and first person view.

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