Evil Genius Game Cheats

Various cheats:
Submitted by:Eben Gerryts

To enable cheat mode simply type HUMANZEE during the game. Now enter the following 
cheats at will: 

Code         Result 
Ctrl + S   : Set off explosion / airstirke 
Ctrl + C   : Add $100,000 
Ctrl + A   : Army of Darkness (one of every henchman and minion) 
Ctrl + O   : Give all items 
Ctrl + M/N : Turn on/off Global Chaos 
CTRL + T   : Gives all traps 

Now switch on Dev Mode by holding SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + D, and then the ~ key to use 
these cheats:

Code                     Result 
df_buildinstant        : Build rooms instantly 
df_buildinstantobjects : Build objects instantly 
fireinthedisco         : Set everyone on fire 

These following codes are for dev mode but enter them during the game, not in the console:

Code      Result 
Ctrl + E: Set off explosion 
Ctrl + M: Add minion 
Ctrl + A: Summon agent 
Ctrl + B: Summon plaything 
Ctrl + G: God mode 
CTRL + T: Trains up henchmen (mouse must be over henchman) 
N       : Move to day/night 
R       : Rain on/off 

Minion codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Use one of the following entries with the add code. For example, 
to get five workers, enable the add 5 100 code. 

Worker           : 100
Marksman         : 101
Valet            : 102
Technician       : 103
Guard            : 104
Biochemist       : 105
Scientist        : 106
Spin Doctor      : 107
Mercenary        : 108
Diplomat         : 109
Playboy          : 110
Martial Artist   : 111
Quantum Physicist: 112 

Easy money:
Early in the game, if you do not interrogate the maid, the agents of good will not 
stop you at all. For example, if you did not torture the maid and put 30 workers on 
the Asian subcontinent, you will make $15,000 every minute, and not call the attention 
of the good guys.

Control a minion:
Enable "Developer mode", then hold [Alt] and Right Click to control a minion. 

Defeating Dirk Masters:
Dirk Masters is difficult to kill. Do not keep him in your jail cell, because in a short 
period of time he will escape and set explosives all over the room. Keep him outside of your 
base at all cost. Dirk can be defeated by infiltrating his gym. He always works out at the 
Mid-Coast. You are only able to do this when you are allowed to do (by the optional objectives). 
Keep him outside as long as you can and he will return to HQ if he cannot get in. 
Note: It is possible to win the game without defeating John Steele, the last super agent.

Defeating Jet Chan:
Challenge him in a "fair" match in a dojo. You will poison his refreshments before the fight, 
and thus win. Since he is never defeated (fairly), he will "lose face" and quit A.N.V.I.L, 
hide somewhere, and leave you alone.

Defeating Katherine:
After a period of time defeating Jet Chan, Katherine can be defeated by stealing her cute teddy 
bear (Mr. Snuggles) whom she always cares about. The teddy bear can be found in Siberia where she 
came from.

Defeating Mariana Mamba:
Capture then interrogate her with an Examination Chair (build an Infirmary when you can and put 
an Examination Chair in it). She will grow fat and be defeated.

Submitted by: Dark Knight

You can edit two files "minionstats" and "agentstats" in folder 
"balancingdreadsheet" to increase your minion's health, loyalty, 
smarts, attention and endurance and decrease agent stats.


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