Pirats Gold Game Cheats

Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

Don't waste time trading shots with the fort, just rush in as  quick  as
you can, landing right at the fort (not nearby). Tack back and forth  if
the wind is not favorable. If you take too long to  land,  most  of  the
gold will be hidden when you arrive. Some forts are almost impossible to
take due to harbor layout and wind conditions. It might  be  worth  your
while to make a list of such harbors so that you don't waste  your  time
attacking them in the  future.  It  seemed  to  me  that  you  are  only
attacking with one ship, and so no matter how many men you have, you are
only attacking with the men on the ship you use (I once had over 500 men
and attacked a port with 400 men, but when I landed I only had  the  220
men that could fit on the frigate I attacked with.) Also, keep an eye on
your crew strength, as it drastically goes down when you take hits  from
the forts.
* Lower your sails when sailing through waters with a lot of shoals.

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