Pizza Connection 2 Game Cheats

If you possess a well running restaurant, should you 
wait to this is full. Now you go on the price adjustments 
for the Pizzen and place these on that to max.Worth. 
You should this so for a long time run let, until the 
branch is closed, or no more people are there. Change 
over for the next quarter again!!  
You will see that thereby your account is up-improved!

$9 million:
Submitted by: Zak

When starting a free game, set your percentage to the highest that it will go, 
and your opponents to the lowest. When you start the game, you will have $9 million.

Mission selection:
Submitted by: Zak

When you are offered a mission in a blue envelope that you do not like, instead 
of refusing it, click on the "Town/Pizza" icon and the envelope will disappear. 
About ten game minutes later, you will be offered another mission. 

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