Quake 4 Game Cheats

Submitted by: Bangla Shimanto F.T.L.7

Bring up console by holding Ctrl and Alt and pressing ~ (tilde).

Code                                    Effect
avidemo                       - Save a demo of your playing to AVI
benchmark                     - Game benchmark
clear                         - Clears the Console
com_allowconsole 1            - Open/Close console with ~
editor                        - Close game and open the map editor
g_fov #                       - Makes your field of vision wider.
g_showplayershadow #          - 1 shows shadow, 0 removes it
gfxinfo                       - Graphics card information
give all                      - Stocks all weapons and items
give all weapons              - Gives all weapons
give ammo                     - Stocks ammunition
give armor                    - Stocks body armor
give health                   - Stocks life/health
give item_health_mega         - +100 health up to 200
give quad                     - Get quad damage (x4 weapon damage)
give weapon_dmg               - Get a dark matter gun plus some ammo
give weapon_grenadelauncher   - Get a grenade launcher plus some ammo
give weapon_hyperblaster      - Get a hyperblaster plus some ammo
give weapon_lightninggun      - Get a lightning gun plus some ammo
give weapon_machinegun        - Get a machinegun plus some ammo
give weapon_nailgun           - Get a nailgun plus some ammo
give weapon_rocketlauncher    - Get a rocket launcher plus some ammo
give weapon_shotgun           - Get a shotgun plus some ammo
give weapons                  - Get all weapons without any ammo
god                           - Invulnerability
GOD                           - Toggle GOD Mode
kill                          - Commit suicide
killmonsters                  - Remove all monsters from level
listcmd                       - List all documented commands
listcvar                      - Dsiplay all cvars
listentities                  - Display all Q4 entities
listmonsters                  - Display all Q4 monsters/enemies
modview                       - Launches the model viewer
noclip                        - Clipping toggle
notarget                      - Toggle invisibility
pm_crouchspeed #              - How fast you move when crouched
pm_jumpheight #               - How high you can jump
pm_noclipspeed #              - How fast you move in noclip mode
pm_speed #                    - How fast you move when running
pm_thirdperson #              - Third-person mode on 1, 0 off
quit                          - Immediately exit from game
saveGame                      - Saves the game
screenshotJpeg                - Takes a jpeg screenshot
timescale 1                   - Returns the game speed to normal
timescale 15                  - Speeds up the game
undying                       - Player stops taking wounds at 1 health

Level Codes:
Submitted by: Bangla Shimanto F.T.L.7

Bring up console by holding Ctrl and Alt and pressing ~ (tilde).
Type "map game/mapname", replace mapname with one of the codes listed.

Level                                  Code
Air Defense Base (beginning of game) - airdefense1
Air Defense Trenches                 - airdefense2 
Perimeter Defense Station            - building_b 
Canyon                               - convoy1 
Aqueducts                            - convoy2 
Aqueducts Annex                      - convoy2b 
Nexus Core                           - core1 
The Nexus                            - core2 
Dispersal Facility                   - dispersal 
Hangar Perimeter                     - hangar1 
Interior Hangar                      - hangar2 
Nexus Hub Tunnels                    - hub1 
Nexus Hub                            - hub2 
Operation: Advantage                 - mcc_1 
Operation: Last Hope                 - mcc_2 
MCC Landing Site                     - mcc_landing 
Strogg Medical Facilities            - medlabs 
Data Networking Terminal             - network1 
Data Networking Security             - network2 
game/process1                        - process1 
Data Processing Security             - process2 
Putrification Center                 - putra 
Recomposition Center                 - recomp 
game/storage1                        - storage1 
Data Storage Security                - storage2
Tram Hub Station                     - tram1 
Tram Rail                            - tram1b 
Construction Zone                    - walker 
Waste Processing Facility            - waste 

Spawn Codes:
Submitted by: Bangla Shimanto F.T.L.7

Bring up console by holding Ctrl and Alt and pressing ~ (tilde).

Weapon                                  Code
Much more damaging railgun            - spawn weaponmod_railgun_penetrate 
Allows shots to bounce off of walls   - spawn weaponmod_hyperblaster_bounce1 
Increses firerate and amount          - spawn weaponmod_nailgun_rof 
Increses firerate and amount          - spawn weaponmod_nailgun_ammo 
Increses firerate and amount          - spawn weaponmod_nailgun_power 
Homing nails with scope               - spawn weaponmod_nailgun_seek 
Reloads using clips                   - spawn weaponmod_shotgun_ammo 
extended clip to 80                   - spawn weaponmod_machinegun_ammo 
Allows lightning to jump b/w enemies  - spawn weaponmod_lightninggun_chain 
Fire up to 3 rockets rapidly          - spawn weaponmod_rocketlauncher_burst 
Adds guided missile functionality     - spawn weaponmod_rocketlauncher_homing 

Enemy                                   Code
Spawns unknown enemy                  - spawn monster_slimy_transfer 
Spawns unknown enemy                  - spawn monster_sentry 
Spawns the Strogg"Doctor" robot       - spawn monster_scientist 
Spawns the Network Boss (Big)         - spawn monster_network_guardian 
Spawns Boss (Very Big)                - spawn monster_makron 
Spawns unknown enemy                  - spawn monster_iron_maiden 
Spawns "Spider" mechs (Massive)       - spawn monster_harvester_combat 
Spawns unknown enemy                  - spawn monster_gunner 
Spawns unknown enemy                  - spawn monster_grunt 
Spawns enemy with Shield              - spawn monster_gladiator 
Spawns Fatty Boss (Big & Invincible)  - spawn monster_fatty 
Spawns unknown enemy                  - spawn monster_failed_transfer 
Spawns unknown enemy                  - spawn monster_berserker 
Spawns Mech Boss (Small)              - spawn monster_bossbuddy 
Spawns a Repair Bot                   - spawn monster_repair_bot 
Spawns Kane in Strogg form            - spawn char_kane_strogg 
Spawns a marine (has a gun)           - spawn char_marine 
Spawns a marine in shirt & shorts     - spawn char_marine_fatigues 
Spawns a healing Medic marine         - spawn char_marine_medic 
Spawns a marine that fixes armor      - spawn char_marine_tech_armed 
Spawns a doctor                       - spawn char_doctor 
Spawns an unnamed, armed medic.       - spawn char_marine_medic_armed 
Spawns an unarmed, unnamed techy.     - spawn char_marine_tech 

Symbol Codes:
Submitted by: Bangla Shimanto F.T.L.7

From the Main Menu, goto Multiplayer, then goto Settings.
Then click on your name to change it. Enter these symbols
in as would with any other character.

Symbol                              Code
For the MachineGun symbol         - ^iw01 
For the Shotgun symbol            - ^iw02 
For the HyperBlaster symbol       - ^iw03 
For the Grenade Launcher symbol   - ^iw04 
For the NailGun symbol            - ^iw05 
For the RocketLauncher symbol     - ^iw06 
For the RailGun symbol            - ^iw07 
For the LightningGun symbol       - ^iw08 
For the Dark Matter Gun symbol    - ^iw09 
For the Gauntlet symbol           - ^iw00 

Skip Movies:
Submitted by: Bangla Shimanto F.T.L.7

Add +disconnect to the shortcut's command line. This may be used
in conjunction with the dev-console activator.

Submitted by: conner54

Press the [Left Ctrl] + [Alt] + ~ during game play to display the 
console window. 

Whilst in game press the [`] key to bring down the ingame console. 
You can edit this key by going to x:Program Filesid SoftwareQuake 4q4base 
and opening the file 'Quake4Config'. Look for line bind "`" "toggleconsole" 
and change "`" to the desired key (i.e. bind "~" "toggleconsole").

Now enter the following cheats to activate the cheat function:

Code         Result
god                   - God mode
noclip                - No clip
notarget              - Invisibility
freeze                - Freeze everything
give all              - All weapons and ammo
give ammo             - Full ammo
map [map name]        - Load a map (see the list below)
benchmark             - Game benchmark
com_drawfps 1         - Show FPS
aviDemo               - Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
gfxinfo               - Graphics card infomation
r_gamma [0-3]         - Set gamma level
r_brightness [number] - Set brightness level
s_volume_db [number]  - Set sound volume (default is 0)
s_showlevelmeter 1    - Toggle sound level display (use 0 to disable this code)
g_showprojectilepct 1 - Toggle hit % to HUD (use 0 to disable this code)
killmonsters          - Kill all monsters
kill                  - Suicide
quit                  - Quit game

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