Quake III - Team Arena Game Cheats

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Goshik

While playing a game bringdown the console and type "/devmap ". 
Then type the following commands:

Code                       Result 
god                      - God Mode
noclip                   - No clipping mode 
give all                 - Get All Weapons & ammo 
give health              - Get Health 
give armor               - Get Armor 
give quad damage         - Get Quad Damage 
give personal teleporter - Get Personal Teleporter 
give gauntlet            - Get Gauntlet 
give machinegun          - Get Machinegun 
give shotgun             - Get Shotgun 
give granade launcher    - Get Granade Launcher 
give rocket launcher     - Get Rocket Launcher 
give lightning gun       - Get Lightning Gun 
give railgun             - Get Railgun 
give plasma gun          - Get Plasma Gun 
give bfg10k              - Get BFG10K 
give grappling hook      - Get Grappling Hook 
give ammo                - Get Ammo 

Item names:
Use one of the following item names with the /give code.

battle suit
grappling hook
grenade launcher
lightning gun
personal teleporter
plasma gun
quad damage
rocket launcher

Submitted by: Quintin Cloud

Quake 3 Arena and Team Arena
To open the console in the game use the following
key on the keyboard " ` ", the key is next to the 
the 1 key on the top left row of the key board.

Submitted by: rickHH

The Ammo Regen power-up is the perfect complement to 
the Prox Launcher use it to sow mine fields in areas 
you know your opponents will be headed. Try to place 
those mines in hard-to-spot locations, such as on walls 
or doorways, so the intended victim won't see them in 
advance and detonate them with a rocket. 

Be sure to bind keys to critical team commands so you 
won't have to hit Esc and issue orders from the menu. 
This saves you much time and allows you to keep moving 
while communicating with teammates. 

Most of the time you'll want someone who's guarding your 
base to grab the Doubler power-up, but you should let 
your offense use it in the Overload game mode so they 
won't have to spend as long firing at the enemy's obelisk 
to destroy it.

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