Queen - The Eye Game Cheats

The Arena Domain:
Save the game often. You will need your energy in 
some heavy fights.

Avoid combat with guards and troopers whenever possible. 
They will only drain your energy.

Avoid the toxic swamp. It causes damage at the edges and 
instant death at its depths.

Save some bazooka ammunition for Cyborg, as it is the 
only really effective weapon against him.

You need both the key held by Tycho and the key in the blade 
corridor to complete the level. You will not be able to ascend 
the spike without both keys.

You can destroy wall and floating guns with the bazooka.

Nearly all the falls in the Arena are fatal, so be careful 
when walking around at heights.

The spike elevator will only activate once all six watcher 
keys have been collected and placed in the slots at the Dias, 
and you have both Chakti and Chakta.

Watcher keys (lodestones) are locked in cages that will 
only open once the watcher has been defeated. If you try 
to collect the lodestone before the cage has opened, 
Dubroc will be electrocuted.

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