X - Beyond the Frontier Game Cheats

Save your game, and note how many credits you have. 
Open up the savegame in an hex editor (the first save game 
is named X0.SAV then X1.SAV etc etc) DO NOT try and edit X99.SAV, 
it's the save game list. 

Open up windows calculator, switch to scientific view. type in 
your credits *withouth the comma* ie. if you have 298.35 credits, 
you type in 29835 and click Hex. 

It will give you the value of 12A, since in hex each number is 
represented by 2 digits, simply put a zero at the start so it 
makes 012A. 
Now search for this value in the savegame. You will find it twice 
and you must change it in both places. The first location is near 
BC90, although this *can* change... 

To reiterate, convert the whole number *without* the comma. change 
both places! 

Making fast money:
Hint by Jaeger

- Hire the Teladi Albatross 
- Buy a Solar Power Plant 
- Transport it to the Greater Profit system 
- Deploy it near the crystal plant 
- Buy crystals at the crystal plant and stock them in your solar 
  power plant 

- Check the price of energy cells at the other two solar plants in 
  the system and adjust yours to make good profit fast 

After getting some money, buy a telardinium mine and a freighter. 
These produce profit fast and with no attendance like the solar 
plant, except to get the credits

The best thing you can do in the beginning is to buy and 
sell energy units. Buy energy from solar power plants that 
have a lot of energy (they'll sell it cheaper), and sell 
them to various factories that are low on energy to make 
a fast profit. 

Once you've saved up about 15,000 credits, talk to one of 
the transports in the system and have it accompany you when 
you buy a power plant of your own. You'll need the transport 
to carry the new power plant to the system in which you want 
to open up shop. Find a system that's low on power plants, 
and park yours next to a cluster of factories to rake in the 
big bucks. 

Don't attack or destroy any Xenon buildings until you reach 
the appropriate quest. You won't be able to complete the 
quests required to win the game if you destroy one of the 
crucial Xenon targets before the quest flag is set.

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