X2 - Wolverine's Revenge Game Cheats

Defeating Sabretooth:
Submitted by: Haspa

When fighting Sabretooth for the second time, at first it is the 
same as before. Jump behind him and use your special to throw him 
into the trucks. After a few throws, he will jump behind the flames 
and start throwing barrels. Punch them back at him. When he is done 
with that, he will come back out and start jumping around. When he 
is in the air, a green crosshair will appear on the ground. Run to 
it and use your special to defeat him. 

Defeating Wendigo:
Submitted by: Haspa

Wait for him to stop chasing you, then run behind him. Hit him once or 
twice, then option for your special will appear. When you use your 
special, you will grab his tail. Spin him around and toss him. After 
several tosses, he will stand weak in the middle. Run up to him and 
use your special.

Act 1 part 1:
Submitted by : Asif Hossain

After crossing the mine field there is a better way than tackling the guard
who runs to set the alarm on.Just go to hieghtened sense,and enter the
room,they won't be able to realise that you have entered the room.Continue
being in hieghtened sense.Go behind the gurd who runs to set the alarm.Then
strike will appear.Stealth strike him.Then the other will'nt try to set the
alarm.He will try to fight with you and you know it's easy to kill him.

Submitted by: Super Doggie

All Pause Menu Cheats Active

At the main menu press the following buttons: Punch, Punch, Senses, Senses, Senses, 
Senses, Punch, Punch, Senses, Crouch, Senses, Crouch.

Level Select Active, All Challenges Unlocked, All Comics Unlocked And Pause Menu

At the main menu press the following buttons: Punch, Senses, Punch, Senses, Punch, 
Punch, Senses, Crouch. Note: This must be entered a few times to unlock everything. 

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