X2 - The Threat Game Cheats

Submitted by: conner54

Get 400k at the start of the game
complete the first mission - deliver computer parts 

mission 2 collect scientist, when you get back to destination 
before you contact your empoyer sell the shields + guns on the 
ship you are flying and you get around 400k+ credits - you only 
get to fly the ship for that mission anyway.

Script editor:
Type Thereshallbewings as a case-sensitive code while flying a ship in space. 

Easy money:
Successfully deliver the computer parts to complete the first mission. 
During the second mission (to collect the scientist), when you return to your 
destination, do not contact your employer just yet. Instead, sell the shields 
and guns from the your ship for over 400,000 credits. You do not need them, as 
you will only fly that ship on this mission.

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