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Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You by Bob Nelson



Always do what most needs to be done without waiting to be asked.

Think what needs to be done.
-Make your job more difficult.
-Think how things could be improved.
-Develop a reputation for being the office cheapskate.
-Ask silly questions.
-Turn needs into opportunities.

Prepare - do your homework.
-Learn what you don't know first.
-Collect your own data.
-Develop options and a plan of action.
-Shoot holes in your own plan.
-Realize no one cares about your ideas.

Act - do something different now.
-Speak up to have infuence.
-Volunteer for difficult assignments.
-Greet challanges with creativity.
-Look for the positive in problems.
-Be a person who makes things happen.

Persevere - don't give up easily.
-Regroup when your ideas meet resistance.
-Don't trust your manager's open door.
-Persist when obstacles arise.
-Do the same thing differently.
-Learn to enjoy those things that others hate to do.

Don't just do what you are told, do what needs to be done.

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