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Time Tactics of Very Successful People by B. Eugene Griessman


Time Tactics of Very Successful People by Author

1. Know the value of your time in $/hr. Give yourself a raise ... soon, you'll be making that much.
2. Bill yourself - keep a time log.
3. Set your priorities including tasks #s.
4. Write down your goals. Specific goals and associated timelines.
5. Apply the 80/20 rule.
6. Create a to-do list that works; Work that list.
7. The Six most important tasks I must complete tomorrow.
8. Neatness is more than a neurotic compulsion.
9. Make your workplace work:
- Configure the workplace for flow.
- Spend money for efficient system.
- Don't use top of desk as storage.
10. Learn to rely on checklists.
11. Take a checkride - see yourself as others do.
12. Become a speed learner.
- Speed reading
- Underline and Highlight
- Take notes
- Make your research usable as a first draft
- Write succinctly.
- Abbreviate whenever possible.
- Use templates.
13. Use the piggyback principle - reuse stuff and plan multiple activities together.
14. Make the most of your downtime and in-between time.
15. Make a game out of saving time.
16. Use your commute time - or eleminate the commute.
17. Create chunks of time.
- Come early or leave late.
- Stay away from work.
- Create chunks in-between.
- Create chunks of time for 1-on-1 meetings.
18. Be a contrarian.
19. The Five'O Clock Club.
20. Use the power of leverage - learn to think lazy.
21. Learn to Focus - Don't scatter your force. 7am-11pm = 16 hrs.
22. Learn to listen.
- Recognize that listening is an active process, not a passive one.
- Don't talk too much yourself.
- Don't look too good or talk too wise.
- Be interested and show it.
- Concentrate
- Don't jump to conclusions.
- Don't spend all your time thinking about what your next response would be.
- Motivate people to tell you more.
- Listen for ideas, not just words.
- Listen discriminatingly.
- Let the other person know that you are listening.
- Use the silent pause.
- Turn off your own worries.
- React to ideas, not to the person.
- Watch for non-verbal cues.
- Read between the lines.
- Record what you hear.
- Get and give feedback.
- Make applications of what is heard.
23. Spend more time in the now. Focus on the current moment.
24. Tap into the power of the "flow state".
25. Create routines - discover your work rhythms.
26. Adapt to the rhythms around you.
27. Master your moods.
- Develop your willpower thru exercise.
- use affirmation therapy.
- use humor.
- talk about your feelings with a trusted friend.
- yield to temptation.
- do low-priority items on your list.
- do something you're good at.
- do mental calisthenics.
- force yourself to do something totally different.
- dress the part.
- experiment with your diet.
- get some sunlight.
- pick a career that matches your temprament.
- develop a process for dealing with specific problems that trouble you.
28. Give yourself a break.
29. Know how long you can wait to do it.
30. Beware of Parkinson's law - work expands ...
31. Learn to shift into surge mode.

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