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The War of Art by Steven Pressfield


Steven Pressfield terms Resistance as that evil force that takes over our body and mind and causes us not to do the things we have to do. In the first part, he details all the signs and effects of Resistance. In the second part, he shows us how to beat Resistance.

Notes - Just read about Resistance and then Do Your Work

01. Resistance is invisible.
02. Resistance is internal.
03. Resistance is insidious.
04. Resistance is implacable.
05. Resistance is impersonal.
06. Resistance is infallible.
07. Resistance is universal.
08. Resistance never sleeps.
09. Resistance plays for keeps.
10. Resistance is fueled by fear.
11. Resistance only opposes in one dierction.
12. Resistance is most powerful at the finish line.
13. Resistance recruits allies.
14. Procrastination is the most common manisfestation of Resistance.
15. Resistance can become a habit.
16. Geeting ourselves into trouble is a sign of Resistance.
17. Self-dramatization is a sign of Resistance.
18. Self-medication is a sign of Resistance.
19. Victimhood is a sign of Resistance.
20. Resistance influences our choice of our mate.
21. Resistance feels like unhappiness; addiction; and then, clinical.
22. Resistance causes you to criticize outhers.
23. Resistance can take the form of wild self-confidence.
24. Resistance is experienced as fear.
25. Resistance is directly proportional to love.
26. Grandiose fantasies are a symptom of Resistance.
27. Workshops and support groups are Resistance.
28. Rationalization is Resistance's right-hand man.
29. Resistance can be beaten.

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