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Weird Ideas That Work: 11 1/2 Practices for Promoting, Managing, and Sustaining Innovation by Robert I. Sutton


Going against the grain, in an intelligent way, has lots of advantages. Conventional wisdom is not always right. There is no harm in trying out new ideas that appear wierd; but they work.


01. Hire "slow learners" (of the organization code)
02. Hire people who make you uncomfortable, even those you dislike.
03. Hire people you (probably) don't need.
04. Use job interviews to get ideas, not to screen candidates.
05. Encourage people to ignore & defy superiors and peers.
06. Find some happy people and get them to fight.
07. Reward success and failure, punish inaction.
08. Decide to do something that will probably fail, then convince yourself and everyone else that success is certain.
09. Think of some ridiculous or impractical things to do, then plan to do them.
10. Avoid, distract, and bore customers, critics, and anyone who just wants to talk about money.
11. Don't try to learn anything from people who seem to have solved the problem you face.
12. Forget the past, especially your company's success.

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