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The Project 50 by Tom Peters




1. Reframe - never accept as assignment as given.
2. Translate your daily experiences into Cool Stuff To Do. - Start an "Experience Journal" and collect "Cool People" as friends.
3. Use the word "WOW" for great services/products.
4. There are no small projects - its the start of a Big Wow project. Thus, today's chore can be converted into a Wow project.
5. Put on the brakes - for the current non-Wow project work.
6. Love it - Commitment beats Significance. Turn the project into an Object of Desire.
7. The result should be Beautiful.
8. Design - the top priority.
9. Is the project Revolutionary?
10. Always W-E-B related.
11. Impact - "Was it worth doing?"
- Fashion
- Quality
- Originality
- Influence
11a - Made anyone angry recently.
12. Raving fans.
12a Women as raving fans.
13. Pirates on the high seas - Mission - Crusade.
14. Create a "Place" - Safe House - Sanctuary - for the project.
15. Put it on your resume Now.
16. Think Rainbow.
17. Think/Rethink/Reframe your project into a "business plan".
18. Think/Obsess Deadlines.
19. Find a wise friend ... to vent.
20. Find and nurtune a few co-conspirators.
20a Find an early user / co-conspirator.
21. Big 5: Wow Beautiful, Revolutionary, Impact, Raving Fans.


22. Be succinct - A 5x7 index card plan and a 30 second speech.
23. Metaphor Tim! You need a compelling theme/image/hook.
24. Work on BUZZ all the time.
25. Do your "community work." Constantly expand the network!
26. Love Janie-come-lately! A supporter is a supporter regardless of when she signs on.
27. Preach to the choir. Never forget your friends1 (No matter how busy you are.)
28. Don't waste your time on your enemies. (You ain't gonna convince 'em.)
29. Create an A-Team Advisory Board. (You are as Cool as the Cool People who are seen to be supporting you.)
30. Become a Master Bootstrapper. Live Lite. Too much money turns you into a slave.
31. Think Beta! You need Customer Test Sites. ASAP.


32. Chunk it. Test it! Try it.
33. Live Eat Breathe Prototype.
33a. Teach prototyping. Create a "culture of prototyping."
34. Play. Find Playmates. Scintillating "implementation" is about a Culture of Play.
35. Scrunch the Feedback Loops. Get fast feedback from the "real world" (Again. And again. And then again.)
36. Blow it up. You've gotta have the guts to destroy-and-start-over if you are serious about Wow.
37. Keep recruiting. You always need more Wow people.
37a. Wanted: Court Jester. Humor makes the world of wow go round. when you are under constant attack.
38. Make a B-I-G binder. You need a Master Document. (And it's a big deal.)
39. Make lists. (Succinct lists may be power tool number 1.)
40. Think / live / eat / sleep / breathe timeline. Become a milestone maniac.
40a. Wanted: Ms Last Two Percent. Finishing Fanaticism is what separates a "pretty good job" from a "WOW".
41. Master the 15-minute meeting. The succinct, summary morning meeting matters.
42. Celebrate. The smallest success deserves celebration. Call it "momentum management".
42a. Celebrate Failures. Only fast failure foreshadows fast success.
43. Keep your eye on the WoW ball. Don't let the exigencies of "implementation" distract you from Wow.
44. A Wow project has Identity Spirit Personality. Keep focuses on these ideas.
45. Time to cast the net more widely : Embrace the suits.
46. Keep focused on the user community. (Now more than ever.)
47. Concoct a Buzz Management Program. Implementation = Marketing. (Call it: the Permanent Campaign.)


48. Sell out. We must put Our Baby into the mainstream if we want lasting impact.
48a. Recruit a Mr. Follow-Up. Take succession planning seriously.
49. Send your Freaks into The Mainstream where they can spread the word of Wow.
50. Write up your Wow success. Celebrate. Move on.

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