Sniglet : Any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should.

Sniglets starting with O

Oatamatopoiea - The sound that the cereal "Captain Crunch" makes when you pour milk o ver it.
Oatgap (OHT gap) - n. The empty space in a cereal box created by "settling during shipment."
Omnibiblious - adj. Indifferent to type of drink. "Oh, you can get me anything. I'm omnibiblious."
Oops-mail - the act of sending an eMail with information not intended for, or suitabl e to the ultimate r eceiver.
Oopzama (ewp' za muh) - n. Sudden scratching of scalp or face upon realization that the person you were waving at isn't who you thought it was.
Opling (op' pling) - n. The act, when feeding a baby, of opening and closing one's mouth, smacking one's lips and making "yummy" noises, in the hope that baby will do the same.
Optortionist (op TOR shun ist) - n. The kid in school who can turn his eyelids inside out.
Opup (op' uhp) v. - To push one's glasses back on the nose.
Oreosis (awr ee oh' sis) - n. The practice of eating the cream center of an Oreo befo re eating the cooki e outsides.
Orogami (or oh ga' mee) - n. The miraculous folding process that allows Kleenexes to methodically emerge from the box one ate a time.
Orosuctuous (or oh suk' chew us) - adj. Being able to hold a glass to one's face by sheer lung power.
Osteopornosis - A degenerate disease.
Otisosis (oh tis oh' sis) - n. The inability to meet anyone else's eyes in an elevato r.
Oyster (n.) - a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddish expressions.

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