Sniglet : Any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should.

Sniglets starting with T

Table Snorkeling (tay' bul snawrk' ling) - n. Frantic gesticulations when one bites into hot food and has to take in air to cool it off.
Taterfamilias - the head of the Potato Head family.
Tatyr - a lecherous Mr. Potato Head.
Telecrastination (tel e kras tin ay' shun) - n. The act of always letting the phone ring at least twice before you pick it up, even when you're only six inches away.
Telegant - Looking good on tv.
Telepression (tel e PRE shun) - n. The deep-seated guilt which stems from knowing that you did not try hard enough to "look up the number on your own" and instead put the burden on the directory assistant.
Telletiquette (tel et' ih ket) - n. The polite distance kept by one person behind another at an automatic teller machine (so as not to be suspected of trying to glimpse that person's secret code).
Testicle - (n.), a humorous question on an exam.
Testlice (test' lys) - n. Those tiny bugs that invade your hair when you're taking an exam.
The Cranial Stomp (the kray' nee uhl stomp) - n. A somewhat primitive dance performed by youngsters tryi ng to step on the heads of their shadows.
Thermalophobia (thur muh lo fo' be uh) - n. The fear when showering that someone will sneak in, flush th e toilet, and scald you to death.
Thermalophobia (thur muh lo fo' be uh) n. - The fear when showering that some one will sneak in, flush the toilet, and scald you to death.
Thernot (THER not) - n. The cardboard rod on a hanger that prevents creasing in pants .
Thingamajiggit (thing-ah-ma-jig-it) adj. - anything that you can't define... (eg. "Yes terday me and my fr iends went to see the movies and the star was holding the thingamajiggit and it was SO VERY COOL!)
Thrickle (thri' kel) - n. The itch in the back of the throat which can't be scratched without making disgusting barnyard-type noises.
Tidnab - n. The opposite of a bandit; one who surreptitiously leaves items, as a neig hbor who leaves som e of his bumper crop of summer squash on your doorstep.
Tidonance - the way furniture gradually stops singing, laughing, or moving as one becomes sober.
Tiefright (TY fryt) - n. The fear that no matter which way you turn the twist-tie on a loaf of bread, it is the wrong direction.
Tile Comet (tyl KOM it) - n. Any streamer of toilet paper attached to your heel as you emerge from a public restroom.
Tirequills (TYR kwills) - n. The small rubbery protrusions on new tires.
Toastate (tohs' tayt) v. - To impatiently pop toast up and down in the toaster, thus increasing the likelihood of burning it.
Toilet Toupee (toy' lit too pay') n. - Any shag carpet toilet cover that causes the lid to become top-heavy, thus creating endless annoyance to male users.
Tolloaf (TOE lohf) - v. Act of missing a toll basket and having to climb out of your car to retrieve the coin.
Traficulous - the condition that exists while driving, when you are trying to pull o ut through an inter section where it is clear to the right but not to the left, then it is clear to the left but not the right then the same over and over again.
Tricklemicrochips - n. Those little tiny broken pieces of Doritos that seem to trickl e to the bottom of the bag or bowl no matter what.
Trideckpick (try dek' pik) n. - A miniature sword or similar device used to hold a sandwich together.
Tritz (trits) - n. The holes in saltine crackers.
Tubswizzle (tub' swib zuhl) v. - To slide oneself back and forth in the bathtub in order to mix the too hot water with the cooler water.
Turfigee and Pedigee (ter' fih jee and ped' ih jee) - n. The two extreme target points of a rotary lawn sprinkler, TURFIGEE being the safest point at which to walk past, PEDIGEE being the most dangerous.
Twinch (twinch) - n. The movement a dog makes with its head when it hears a high-pitched noise.
Twinkidue (twin' kee dew) n. - The residue on the inside of the wrapper that every junk food addict eventually gets to.

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