Sniglet : Any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should.

Sniglets starting with W

Waftic (wahf' tik) - adj. Describes any person in whose direction campfire or barbeque smoke always blows.
Warbloid (war' bloyd) - n. The tiny device in cassette players that eats tapes.
Wattbobble (wat' bah bul) - v. To remove a hot light bulb by turning it several seconds, letting your fingers cool, then repeating the process. This is generally followed by the glorious revelation of using your shirttail.
Webitalics - italic postscript in advertisements directing readers to the internet.
Werxilation (wurks ul ay' shun) - n. The property of some screen doors to start to sl am shut only to cat ch themselves at the last moment and "float" to a gentle close.
Whitetater - a political hot potato.
Wikkle: That point just to the side of the toe of a highly polished shoe where it alw ays gets scuffed.
Willy-nilly - (adj.), impotent.
Wily's Law (WI leez law) - n. The only know exception to Newton's Law of Gravity, Wily's Law states that an animal or person can suspend himself in midair provided (a) he is in a cartoon, and (b) he doesn't look down and realize he is no longer on solid ground.
Wondracide (WUN druh side) - n. The act of murdering a piece of bread with a knife and cold butter.
Woowad (wew' wad) - n. Giant clumps of stuck-together rice served at Chinese restaurants.
Writer's tramp - a woman who practices poetic licentiousness.
Wurblet (WER blit) - n. The line of moisture on one's trousers that comes from leaning against a wet counter in a public restroom.

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